Sunday, July 29, 2007

REVIEW: ollyollyoxenfree! #3

Subtitled, "A DIY game zine", this is a nifty collection (A6, 28 pages) of instructions for fun games for kids and adults who want to be kids, submitted by a variety of folk. Most of them I was not familiar with - Acorn!, Deathbox, Finger Baseball, Punk Like Crazy - but they all seem like the sorta games (and variations there-of) bored kids devised on hot summer afternoons during school holidays. Do young people today still play these games? Or do they all sit at home and play with their Xbox and Wii?

Will my baby Jones want to play games like Hopskotch and Red Rover when she gets older? Has this childhood magic gone forever?

Not if ollyollyoxenfree! has anything to do with it.

If you want to order this issue (or future issues or back issues), e-mail Cheyenne and Shakes at or write to them at: 127 Pope Street, Louisville, KY, 40206, USA. It's only US$1 (or trade) per ish. Make it US$3 if you're from overseas.


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